My name is Jack, for over 20 years I have studied fine art, graphic design and lived creatively.     

My visual communication is a refinement
of the observations made in this time.


I enjoy working closely with my clients to develop an understanding of how their ideas can be translated into visual cues that represent the vision of their brand, product or service.


From logo design to colour choices and font advice through to creative direction of photography and website development, I can help you create a definitive style that will both confidently establish, and set your idea apart.

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Good design should create a meaningful first impression and one that delivers a coherent and distinct representation of your idea.

It is important that your branding should stand out, immediately communicating to a prospective client who you are and what it is you specialize in. In turn conveying a message of professionalism, reliability and trustworthiness.

Intelligent use of colours, correct font choices and intuitive branding can evoke all of these feelings.

First impressions matter, make them count.



A standard branding project generally takes 3 to 4 weeks but this could vary depending on the additional collateral material required. Every project is different and may require sourcing photographers to assist in developing content material or outsourcing animations for social media templates. I have provided this timeline as a rough estimate of how long a project can take, however I encourage clients to allow some flexibility should ideas evolve as the vision comes to life. 


The best thing to do is send me a short email. Share some ideas and let’s get a scope of what the project is all about. This can be as simple as scrawling something on a napkin and sending me a photo, keep in mind, making things look good is my job, that’s why you are here. I can help you bring these ideas to life.

I don’t need to see anything fancy. If you are unsure as to how to proceed I can provide a questionnaire to help you explore the visual aspects of how your brand might feel and look and we can go from there.

This part of the project is my favorite.
Working with clients and identifying the key principles their brand stands for and then creating effective design that communicates this visually, is why I do design.
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Finding inspiration:

•  Take pictures of logos you like
•  Collect colour swatches that appeal to you
•  Pay attention to fonts, get a feeling for what you like
•  Collate a list of words that you feel represents your brand
Initially I will create a mood board of inspirational source material, this helps us get started and define the kind of imagery you identify with and sets a direction. From there I can
create a logo, then develop the required variations that may be necessary for social media,
I will create custom colour pallets that suit your brand identity. I can also help you develop content for social media and copy for your website and promotional material, and if you are struggling to bring it all together, I can coach you through the process of successfully launching to your target audience.

Bringing ideas to life is what I do.

As previously mentioned all projects vary, But a basic guide is as follows.
• Initial and ongoing consultation
• Concept development
• Mood boards
• Primary logo with variations and revisions
• Logo variations for social media
• Development of colour pallet
• Development of font set
• Creation of stationary
• Style guide
• Project consultation
• Custom 6 page website
• Assistance with copy creation and editing
• Development of a mobile responsive component
• Social media integration
• Custom email integration
Prices do not include the purchasing of Website or domain subscription. However,
I can assist in obtaining these on your behalf.
Payment is fixed at 50% upon agreement of project commencement and is non refundable. The final 50% will be required once final revisions have been agreed on. Payment is accepted in all currencies including Bitcoin but shown in AUD as a reference point.

Working with Jack was a very inspiring and exciting experience. I was blown away by his attention to detail. He was incredibly talented in his ability to visually communicate my rather vague ideas into a solid brand that reflected my values, allowing me to successfully attract my ideal customers!  

He worked above and beyond to produce a website that I still can’t quite believe is my own. Jack has a brilliant creative eye and I am extremely grateful for his work, it’s really stepped up my business to a professional level.

Natalia Potterwood


Jack has an authentic ability to quickly understand and hone in on who you are, who your customer is and what you are looking to achieve in relation to the presence of your business. Working with him was a game changer. When it came to my brand, style, and the design of my website. The work that Jack poured in exceeded my expectations and has absolutely been worth the investment.

Kathie Heyman

MAY 2021
Why work with you?

I have a keen sense of consumer habit and market trends and specialize in translating ideas into visual communication that is both current and impactful. This coupled with years of experience working with a wide range of clients has given me the confidence required to think big and take projects to the next level.

What if I only need a logo?

Lets talk. This brief is for clients who are looking to develop an entire branding package. However, I am open to a variety of projects. I am always be looking to grow my understanding of design and expand on the visual vocabulary I use to communicate ideas, so if a project resonates with me, regardless of the scale, ill take it on.  

What platform do you use to build websites?

While I have worked in both Kajabi and Wordpress, I find the usability and optional plugins available on the Wix platform services the needs of my clients effectively.

The usability from a development standpoint also sets this platform apart, as a result I prefer to work in Wix. 





Simply hit contact on my website and drop me a line. You can share some details about your project and i will get back to you within 3 working days, or you can book a 15 minute call today and set a time to share your ideas via Zoom.